Estamos construyendo un aula 100% biomimética que será una sala de educación ambiental al servicio de todas las escuelas del partido de Mar Chiquita y del resto del país. Un espacio de inspiración en alfabetización ecológica para todas las personas comprometidas con el diseño de culturas regenerativas.

En el verano 2022 dejamos listos los cimientos, estructuras y bases del techo.

Este edificio imita los principios de la naturaleza para producir su propia energía renovable, para capturar agua de lluvia, cuenta con sistemas de calefacción y refrigeración ecológicos, con un sistema de tratamiento de aguas grises biológico y está siendo construido con energía solar y materiales de alta durabilidad.

Lo construimos a través de módulos de formación para agentes de cambio, porque creemos que la salida es colectiva, involucrando mente, corazón y manos!

Para terminar la construcción necesitamos reunir $12.000.000 y contamos con vos para lograrlo.

A life changing

The Regenerative

Are you looking for a meaningful
experience? We invite you to transform
yourself, connect with nature & others

What does the regenerative experience include?

Hands-on and in-class both in real life & online training program includes:

  • 1-week minimum stay
  • Virtual interview prior to your arrival: a topic is chosen according to your interests, skills and needs, establishing 1 learning theme and goal.
  • Weekly 1-on-1 mentoring with a thematic specialist (online or face-to-face, depending on the topic and team’s availability).
  • Full time immersion, sharing a living space with our QE team.
  • Optional: delivery of final report. WE ARE CREATORS. Take advantage of this experience and create something for you and future generations. Collective intelligence is our driving force.
  • 4 hours a day working in our systems.
  • 2 hours a day reading/writing/creating.

Systemic learning experience

The world is experiencing a deep crisis and there is a strong urge to take action, transform ourselves and transform reality in the process… But how?

Quinta Esencia is the place where you can start walking down that path.

With over a decade of experience in permaculture design, we have brought together everything we know into this comprehensive program to help you embark on your own dream projects and pollinate everywhere with what you have learned and experienced with us.

Holistic learning experience: The disciple is the master and vice versa, which is why we will guide you in your own exploration. Our activities involve the «head, heart and hands» philosophy, which entails reflecting on new knowledge, opening up all your senses and getting your hands dirty. You can choose to participate in green building, vegetable gardening, agroforestry, beekeeping or greenhouse keeping, always based on the premise of learning by doing. We will also seek to share artistic and recreational moments involving music, singing, painting or writing.

Internship for
university students

If you are a researcher concerned about climate change, health and education, do your field work with us!

Take your university project to the next evel with our internship program!

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to improve your skills by doing work with purpose.

Our learning process relies on nature-based solutions, permaculture and regenerative design by working in a multidimensional way, covering all possible linking scales, starting from the self, all the way to the community and the biosphere. Learning goals are divided into the following: cognitive (mind), socio-emotional (heart) and behavioral (hands).

During your stay at Quinta Esencia, you will deepen and embody our philosophy: systemic thinking and a more reciprocal relationship with nature.

This program will inspire you to make changes in your life and the ecosystems of which you are part.

What does our
internship include?

  • 4-week minimum stay
  • Online interview prior to your arrival. A topic is chosen according to your interest, skills and needs, establishing guidelines for the final report.
  • Weekly 1-on-1 mentoring with a thematic specialist (online or face-to-face, depending on the theme and our team’s availability).
  • Reading materials provided ahead of arrival at the site.
  • Full-time immersion, sharing a living space with the QE team.
  • Delivery of final report: WE ARE CREATORS.
  • 4-6 hours working in our different systems.
  • 2-4 hours reading/drafting a report.
  • 1 hour of weekly mentoring.
  • Educational tools: teamwork, games, body movement, yoga, meditation, learning by doing, questioning, art, listening, observation, dialogue and reflection.

Spots are limited, so make sure to
save yours today by contacting us.

Spots are limited, so make sure to
save yours today by contacting us.

Quinta Esencia

Quinta Esencia is an ecoliteracy center located in a natural environment within the province of Buenos Aires. Our mission is to inspire the co-creation of new regenerative cultures for a thriving and healthy future for human and planetary life as a whole.

Nobody leaves Quinta Esencia the same as
when they entered, that’s a fact!

You will gain the necessary knowledge to understand the global crisis through a deep-immersion experience in an ecological literacy project. In addition, you will learn key practical tools to become actively involved in the design of regenerative cultures.



We seek to explore
disruptive ideas and
alternative solutions.

To develop a mental model capable of understanding and analyzing complex systems. Everything is in constant movement so we want you to be able to deal with uncertainty. to question norms, practices and opinions, reflect on your own values, perceptions and actions, and adopt a position in the Regenerative discourse.


We seek to learn & live from empathy

Learn social skills to bond, collaborate and communicate, as well as skills, values and attitudes of introspection that will help your inner-development. There is no collective transformation without a personal transformation.


We seek that you can live what you learn and learn what you live.

Practical tools to protect and restore socio-ecosystems, with special emphasis on biological diversity and natural processes that sustain life. Adopt habits and patterns of production and consumption that safeguard the Earth’s regenerative capacities and community well-being.

To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

Richard Buckminster Fuller

To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

Richard Buckminster Fuller

You can create your learning experience around the
following topics

Systemic Thinking

Environmental Education




Regenerative Development


Assertive Communication

Triple impact ventures

- Donate to the construction of -

School Of Construction​

We are building School of Nature using the principles of ecological systems as a basis for design. School of Nature is a 100% biomimetic building that seeks to contribute to accelerating the transition towards an ecologically literate society.

To finish IT we need to reach 20.000 USD.

We need your support.

Let’s become active participants in bringing about the change we hope for! Let’s build together the Great Turning towards a life-sustaining civilization!

Quinta Esencia

-37.408598, -57.582514
Coronel Vidal, 
Provincia de Buenos Aires,

Quinta Esencia

-37.408598, -57.582514
Coronel Vidal, 
Provincia de Buenos Aires,